Australian Printed Ribbons for Every Occasion

Ceremonial ribbon is popular around the world and is generally used for ceremonial or decorative purposes. Ribbon is variously used for gift wrapping, room decoration, branding, and at opening ceremonies, where it’s traditional for a public figurehead to cut a length of ribbon indicating that the new building or structure is open for business. One particularly famous ribbon-related incident occurred at the grand opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Bridge took years to make, and all the world’s eyes were on Sydney for the opening of this incredible piece of industrial architecture, a testament to the power of human innovation and perseverance. When the Lord Mayor of Sydney stepped forward to cut the ceremonial ribbon, thus opening the bridge to traffic and connecting both sides of Sydney’s deep, beautiful harbour, a man on horseback wielding an old-fashioned sword swept along the road. He flashed the blade before the Mayor’s hand and sliced the ribbon neatly in two in the process, christening the new bridge with the spirit of true Australian larrikinism.

Printed Ribbon

Australia’s love affair with ribbons has hardly ceased since then. Today you can buy printed ribbon from manufacturers who will custom-print designs on a variety of fabrics and materials to suit the particular aesthetic of any event you might be planning.  One of the most popular materials for printed ribbon is satin, which, with its lustrous allure and silky feel, adds a sense of grandeur to the decoration of events and function rooms. Satin is particularly easy to print on, and many businesses actually choose to print on both sides of the ribbon to create a sense of uniformity in the ribbon’s design. European satin ribbon is the highest quality you can find anywhere in the world, which is why the best Australian ribbon printers and designers use European satin as the staple for their range of products.

Supporting Local Industry

Another popular material among Australian ribbon enthusiasts is Australian cotton. Australia, much like the Southern United States, is a fantastic environment for cotton, and Aussies produce the raw material in millions of tonnes every year. Australian cotton is unparalleled in quality, and it makes for extremely lustrous, malleable ribbon material. For this reason, Australian ribbon manufacturers are increasingly turning their attention to Australian cotton, as it provides extreme durability and absorbs printing ink particularly well. Australian cotton, because it breathes so well, is machine washable, so you can even re-use your printed ribbon.

The other great benefit of using Aussie cotton is that you’re supporting a local industry. Today, many Australian farmers are doing it rather tough as they fight against long droughts, international manufacturers and various plant blights that threaten their crops year after year. Aussie farmers need all the help they can get, which is why it’s such a great idea to purchase Australian agricultural products. Many Australians buy Australian milk and other produce, so it’s a simple step further to start using Australian cotton for your next printed ribbon purchase, which will help support the farmers who are the backbone of our country’s mighty agricultural industry.

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