Champagne and Wine Offered as Gifts

Some occasions require a gift that can be enjoyed at the celebration. While champagne and wine may sometimes be saved for a later date, they are often opened in the company of guests and shared. A gift of champagne or wine should not be chosen haphazardly. These types of gifts should be of good quality and carry some kind of meaning.

Offered as Gifts

Making the Gift Personal

While a bottled gift may seem short-lasting, there are ways to make the enjoyment last. Different accessories can be added to your gift of champagne and wine. Personalised decanters and wine racks are things that can be kept and used for a long time. They will become great conversation pieces at later parties. Monogrammed glasses are a nice option for couples at an anniversary gathering. They will cherish these for years to come. A decorative wine stopper will add a bit of glamour to the idea. Champagne and wine gifts from Ireland can come with an extra special touch when traditional symbols are engraved on glasses or drink tags. Wooden wine crates often come with engravings pre-selected for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. You can easily make your gift stand out from all the others.

Making the Gift Personal

Cater to the Occasion

Certain meals are accented best with a specialised type of champagne or wine. While champagne may be more appropriate for celebratory gatherings like weddings, wine may be better suited for a small dinner gathering. Take care to find out the type of food that will be served and plan accordingly. If you are expected to bring a dessert or side dish, try to match the wine to your contribution. Think about the timing of the gathering. Brunch traditions require drinks that are different from those of an evening event. Your hosts will surely appreciate the well thought out addition to the meal.

Cater to the Occasion

Think about the Host’s History

Perhaps you have known the host for a long time. In this case, it would be pertinent to take a special approach. Think about a past occasion and find a champagne or wine that correlates somehow. If there is a couple involved, find a wine that comes from their honeymoon, destination or that was served at their wedding years ago. If you know there is a certain restaurant that the host visits often, take care to find something memorable from their wine list. The recipient will feel special knowing your gift came with such careful thought attached.

Host’s History

Champagne and wine are great gift choices,, especially for dinner parties. Such a gift is useful and enjoyable. Wedding couples may enjoy saving the gift for their first anniversary while other hosts may open the bottle and share with guests. It is easy to add a thoughtful and personal touch to this gift choice, as well. With careful and appropriate selection, your addition of champagne and wine will be a memorable one.

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