Dinnerware Sets to Impress Your Guests

Let’s admit it – matching dinnerware sets just look awesome! They give your dining room a sense of uniformity, a sense of planning, class and intention that four misshaped, different coloured sets simply don’t.

For those people looking to make their kitchen the envy of their friends, having a matching set of dinnerware is a great place to start. Your guests will be secretly impressed when you roll out your best dinnerware set for your function, diner party or birthday.

There’s a type of dinnerware set for every event or occasion. Some are more suited to high-so, formal dinner parties, whereas others are suited for picnics, school lunches or a trip to the beach.

A typical dining place setting usually contains:

  • A dinner plate
  • A cup
  • A bowl
  • A side-plate

This means a dinnerware set for four people contains sixteen individual pieces of crockery. Dinnerware sets are often sold in multiples of four, but some suppliers pride themselves on selling individual pieces to replace lost or broken items.

Pottery being one of the oldest forms of product manufacturing, people have been making matching dinnerware sets for thousands of years. They come in a wide range of materials, colours and sizes, with an almost infinite array of styles and designs.

Dinnerware Sets Available Online

Some types of dinnerware to consider when planning your kitchen are:

  • Earthenware – Gives your dinner table a rustic, casual look while still providing a pleasing visual experience for your guests. It is usually cheaper than many other forms of dinnerware. Due to the porous nature of earthenware, it is sealed with a waterproof glaze during manufacturing to increase durability.
  • Bone-China – This classic and elegant style of dinnerware is guaranteed to add class to any dinner party. The smooth touch and famous ‘ringing’ will make you the envy of your dinner guests. On the more expensive side of the fence, bone-china is for those who want to add a bit of WOW! factor to their dinner party.
  • Plastic – Sometimes all you need is a super simple, super cheap plastic dinner set. These versatile and virtually indestructible dinnerware sets are perfect for camping trips and beach holidays.
  • Wooden – Wooden dinnerware sets can range anywhere from mahogany to bamboo. Even coconut shells can be used to give your table a unique tropical vibe.
  • Porcelain – Less expensive and somewhat heavier and less refined than its high-so cousin bone-china, porcelain is dishwasher and microwave safe, making it the go-to choice for most dinner tables. You know you want it!

Shop around to make sure you purchase a dinnerware set that suits the dining environment you are designing.


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