Essential Guide When Shopping for Custom T-shirts

Custom T-shirts cannot be bought from mass retailers because they are made to order. In order to get this kind of clothing, the buyer provides a text or image that he wants to appear on his shirt. Also, it is possible for the artist to make an extraordinary motif that will go with the shirt. Custom t-shirts can be availed at various styles and colors. They are great additions to any wardrobe especially for men. This clothing is affordable personalized gifts. These t-shirts can be bought from custom print shops and internet stores. A seller like TV Store Online offers the service to print these shirts at truly affordable prices.

Creating Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts that are screen-printed had started to become popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Screen printing includes the application of ink to a t-shirt using a stenciled design and a mesh screen. Creating custom t-shirts can also be done through iron-on transfers, embroidery and digital printing.

Custom T-shirts

  • Iron-on transfers– This provide buyers an affordable and fast way for creating custom t-shirts at the comfort of their own home.

Iron-on transfers

  • Digital Printing– This is also termed as “direct-to-garment” printing. In this type of t-shirt printing, an image is directly printed into the t-shirt. The printer will embroider or sew small patches into a shirt and such methods provide another means for customizing a t-shirt.

Digital Printing t shirts

  • Embroidery– Custom t-shirts created through this method are expected to have less chances of getting wear and tear. These shirts will really look professional.


Important Things to Consider

Aside from choosing the method of customizing t-shirts, some factors should be considered when shopping for custom t-shirts. Various style and brands of t-shirts suit every wearer in a different way. It is then imperative for a buyer to compare the shirts’ measurement to his current fit. When shopping for a slim-fit-t-shirt, it is important to find one that has softer and thinner materials. When the buyer has a certain style and brand that suits him quite well he needs to customize the shirt’s style.

custom t-shirts

The Right Choice of Fabric

Aside from choosing the style and brand of t-shirt, the fabric the t-shirt has been made of must be taken into account. Pure cotton shirts have more likelihood to shrink when washed than polyester blends. Polyester shirts will not have a change in shape and size in the wash. When the buyer wants to shop for a t-shirt that is 100 percent cotton, he must begin with a pre-shrunk style. A t-shirt that is pre-shrunk is expected to shrink less in every subsequent wash. Thus, the original size will be retained. When shopping for cotton blends or cotton shirts, it is advisable to purchase to them in a size bigger than normal to make sure that they will still fit the wearer even after some shrinkage.

The Right Choice of Fabric

Taking Care of a Custom T-shirt

Custom t-shirts are created unique. They need to be given proper care to ensure that they will last through washes and wears. Before these shirts will be washed, they need to be turned inside out to make sure that the image will not rub against other fabrics during the washing process. In order to prevent color bleeding and minimize shrinkage for cotton blends or cotton t-shirts, they must be washed in cold water. To lengthen their life, it is best to let them air dry.


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