Foundation Freak-Outs

Truth be told, foundation kind of freaks us out. Ever since we had an unfortunate incident with a ghostly shade of Clinique liquid face makeup in eighth grade (admittedly, the issue was with our color selection, not the product), the whole concept has made us nervous.

Not to get all Goldilocks on you, but nothing’s ever seemed quite right. Liquid foundation can be hard to apply, cream foundation goes on too heavily for our liking, and stick foundation doesn’t always blend well. So imagine our joy when we tried Christian Dior’s Diorskin Airflash spray foundation. Finally we have a product in our arsenal that’s light enough for daily wear, can be easily amped up for more coverage, and takes literally two seconds to apply. We can’t believe this product has been available for a couple of years without being on our radar!

For best results, clip your hair back from your face (be careful of your clothes too, we got a little overzealous the first time we used Airflash and ended up spraying our robe). Shake the can, hold it about eight inches from your face, and close your eyes. Spray the Airflash across your face in a Z formation, starting by going horizontally across your forehead, diagonally across the middle of your face, and end at your chin. If you like, blend lightly with a cosmetic sponge or wedge.

We’re not the only fans of Diorskin Airflash, Emmy Rossum (who has some of the best-looking skin in the business) is a huge fan of the product too. Admittedly the price is steeper than drugstore brands ($60, ), but compared with other spray foundations, it’s completely worth the money. After all, a runway-ready face that looks flawless is always a good investment. No need to hide behind a scarf, big hat and oversized Oakley sunglasses anymore, rejoice!

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