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Four Tips for Young Men to Dress Sharp

To dress sharp, you don’t have to be wealthy. Most young men tend to have little money to use on things other than their student loans, foods or rental fees. That is why many men dress like old boys as they don’t totally appreciate the value in how they present themselves.

But, dressing sharp doesn’t mean having to spend crazily on clothing like wholesale blank t-shirts and accessories that will work for you. The trick is to spend money on quality clothing. And once you master ways to dress sharp, you will end up spending less money on clothing. Here are some helpful tips for you.

Don’t Dress Like an Old Boy

How old are you? Do you know how old people think you are? How mature do you wish to look? The answers to the latter questions are contingent on your look. Wearing clothes linked with kids, the perception of people of your maturity and age would be lower than what they must be.

Go for khaki trousers instead of cargo shorts, polo shirts not T-shirts, loafers not sandals, dark socks not white and wool trousers instead of sweatpants. If you wish to dress sharp, you must stop dressing like a boy. And you can consider wholesale polo shirts for the most savings.

Take Pride in your Clothes

While you don’t have to spend much money, you should spend wisely. Thus, buy the best that you can afford. Purchasing well-made quality clothing will outlast off-the-rack, low quality clothing.

Before establishing a wardrobe of sharp clothing, know how to take care of them first. Do you know how to shine your shoes? What about ironing your shirts and trousers? Knowing how to take care of your clothing will make them last longer.

Ignore Fashion Trends If You Can’t Afford It

These days you are likely to look sharp at a pair of bleached, ripped jeans worth $200. However, in the future, this fashion splurge will no longer work and can even be an embarrassment. This is because main-stream fashion trends tend to fluctuate too quickly especially for young men whose checking account is quite definite. So go for the classics instead. This can save you money and ensure you always look sharp.

Know How to Dress for the Environment and the Season

Dressing sharp varies on the current season and your location. Pay attention to your surroundings. In case you go work or go to school in the city, never wear a tweed jacket as its colors are found in rural environments. But wearing tweed is good for autumn if you are outside the city.

Author BioJoe Nelson has been writing fashion guides for men and women. Some of his works are about buying wholesale blank t-shirts.

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