How to Decide Which Facial Piercing is Right for You

If you’re someone that likes to make a statement or stand out in a crowd, you might have already considered a facial piercing. Common facial piercings include the nose, eyebrow, and lip. Each piercing works better for a certain personality, look, or lifestyle.

The Nose Piercing

The most classic of the three, the nose piercing is a great piercing if you want to upgrade your look without making too bold of a statement. Nose piercings are usually either placed on either side of the nostril, or some even choose a septum piercing, which rests right below your nose. Nostril piercings can be done with either a stud or a nose ring. Usually, you will get the stud first, then move to a ring once your nose has healed. Septum piercings, however, are different in that they are pierced with a horseshoe hoop to help better manage the piercing type.

Nose piercings are inexpensive and heal quickly. If you decide a nose piercing isn’t for you, simply remove the piercing. The nose is a quick healer and will close the hole in your nose fairly quickly. This can have disadvantages, though—if it falls out when sleeping, you may have to get it re-pierced if too much time passes!

The Eyebrow Piercing

This look is often seen on both men and women, whereas the nose piercing is much more commonly used by women. The eyebrow piercing is a daring statement used often in punk and metal settings. Many of these piercings are two balls on either end of the eyebrow. The healing process is shorter here than a nose piercing, only six to eight weeks. It can take six months to a year, however, before jewellery can be safely removed without fear of the skin around the area closing too quickly.

The Lip Piercing

The lip is another piercing that is done by both men and women. The lip piercing, however, is different from the other two in that there are many different spots to get a lip piercing. These include:

  • The Monroe, a piercing on the left-upper lip
  • The Madonna, a piercing on the right-upper lip
  • The Medusa, a piercing in the centre upper lip
  • The Labaret and Side Labaret, a piercing on the centre or either side of the lower lip
  • The Ashley, a piercing directly in the middle of the bottom lip

Any of the piercings are often jewelled studs or a metallic hoop. No matter what you choose, your facial piercing will be sure to be the talk of your family and friends.


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