Lips Are the Windows of Women’s Health

There is a saying, “the eyes are the windows of the soul,” by this we mean that you can pretty much read what a person may be feeling or their emotional state at a particular moment through the eyes. Lips are another window on a person’s face that not a lot of people know about. This facial feature shows what kind of state a woman’s health is in.  This is evident in very old portraits as well, and people seemed to be always attracted to women with more plump lips, that were fully red. This meant that they were sexually mature and ready to lure in a man!

Lips Nowadays

Now, in the 21st century, things are almost the same. If there is a lady wearing red lipstick, it tends to catch the eye of pretty much anyone walking by. Usually it sends the signal that the person is very put together and very ready to lure. If someone has very red lips naturally, it means that they are very healthy and beaming. Once someone becomes sick, their skin seems to fade, and also their lips seem to turn pale and grey.  Other than the color, there can be difference in texture as well. A plump red shiny lip conveys a message of health and vibrancy, a cracked pale one is one that is concerning and needs treatment.

Trendy Pout

Although there are all kinds of products to choose from, lips  will definitely tell any stranger a story. Keep in mind that the colour and the certain shine a lipstick has gives off signals to strangers. It is very important to find the proper lip product for the right person and the right occasion. It will not give the same message if you wear a smart set to the office and give a presentation wearing a nice deep maroon, or you show up with a sparkly bubble gum pink on your pout.  There is much to consider when choosing a great product; the type of makeup you will do, the occasion that you are going to use it for, and your tones. Places like lip products can give you a hand by letting you glance through tons of great products and take time to choose the right one. Whether it is for a night out or an everyday wear, a smartly chosen shade is just what you need.

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