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The old saying goes “Time and Tide waits for none”. And in today’s world, we encapsulated by technology have no time for love and emotions as we all are running the great rat race. The race to life brings in many challenges to be faced and the law of today is to solve these immediately. These highly competitive environments are the sole reason behind not prioritizing our relationships. The values of life that our ancestors carried through ages are no more alive among us. We all have ended up spending our life quantity-wise and not quality-wise.

Sit Back and Relax – Love Now, For The Moment

To quote H.G. Wells “Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative”. So, there is nothing to complain about change as it is the only thing permanent in this world. However, the more one adapts to changing environment, the more he/she succeeds. So what about relationships, how do we tackle them in this busy schedule? You can’t run away from it also as at the day’s end you need someone to hold you emotionally. The answer is to take care of them in the new way. Your loved one should not feel neglected at the end of the day’s work.


Flowerly Yours

You are away from home but want to surprise your better half on your marriage anniversary? The online shopping portals would save you the time and hassle both. It’s a lovely world that e-commerce has brought to our lives. Money doesn’t matter much when it’s about love and happiness. Get the same day delivery of flowers & cakes, to celebrate the togetherness. The person you love would be thrilled to know the surprise coming from your end.


Lovely Blooms

Every year you bake cake for your mother on her birthday and this year you are away in a company assignment. Mom would definitely understand that work comes first. But deep down in your heart, you know birthdays come only once. So, take your time beforehand to browse through various websites and make a list of cakes that your mom loves to gorge on. Butterscotch, Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Chocolate Truffle, Black Forest, Red Velvet, etc. to name a few all-time favorites. You get same day delivery of cakes from most of the portals. You can set 12 A.M. midnight as the favored slot to add some more joy to the celebration and see how happy your mom feels.

Chocolate Photo Cake for Mom

Nothing can equate the feeling of making your creators happy. One more idea you can add here. Get a live video chat when she cuts the cake at 12 A.M. And suddenly you may have a feeling in your heart that “never ever I have felt this good while taking a pay check”.

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