Spring brings Trendy Prints in Ladies Tops

It was about a day ago I think when I was scrolling through my Facebook page and read a joke saying, “The season has come where you need to keep one leg out of the quilt with the fan on to sleep in peace”. I read it, smiled and started thinking about my night time in my bed and laughed out loud when I realized that the same night I also slept the same way. I mean, isn’t it interesting and weird at the same time that we cannot sleep properly either in the quilt or without it? I thought about it for a while, observed the nature from outside my window pane and observed the scorching heat of the sun along with a chilly wind blowing around. I was quite surprised by the fact that a change of season has a lot to do with our day to day activities like sleeping, bathing, eating, drinking. Everything goes to normal from an extremity, whether it is the hot tea or coffee we were having a month ago or the hot water bath. And with all these changes there came a big change in our clothes we wear.

I found out that my closet is overfilled with all the heavy sweaters and coats which were no longer in use. So I took help from my husband and kept them back in the closet,  packed, to be used for the next winter season. But before keeping them all, an argument arose which was related to the clothes, about what to keep in packed boxes and what to keep in use. And this practice is quite common in every household, every changing season. I have watched the same since my childhood, when my parents used to follow the same procedure. And after long hours of discussion, we kept some outfits out for layering for the season like shrugs, jackets and lightweight sweaters. Who knows what you might need in this so unpredictable weather?

The weekend got over, all the unused clothes went inside, Monday came with warm sunshine which peeped in my bedroom window and it got a bit hot inside the home as we got ready to work.

Prints in Ladies Tops

The season has changed, but how can my fashionista look, go wrong with the change of season. I need to look trendy and voguish, keeping in mind that it would be hot in the noon time and cold by the afternoon hours.  And there my search started about the SPRING season and what to wear during it and ended at Online shopping. It may seem a bit tedious for people who like to be on a go at all times, but certainly fashion magazines and internet sites have simplified the things.

Online shopping for trendy tops, has been a huge advantage in updating my closet since the Fashion Industry has been advancing. I always look for the latest updates and latest trendy designer dresses online to get decked up for different occasions. So it helped for the Spring season too. I looked at a number of fashion shopping websites, but then landed on to which exhibited a huge range of LADIES TOPS for the Spring season.

While scrolling down the website and some magazines, I found out that all the international celebrities were spotted wearing floral print tops, hinting the arrival of spring. One thing is sure that the season of flowers is here, so why not celebrate this joyous, vibrant season by wearing diverse patterns and hues in tops for women. From roses to gardenias, each flower depicts a mood and sets a safe playground for every designer to reinvent each season. I want to share with you all for the ongoing season. But before mentioning the list, I would like to recommend some basic styling tips for Tops for women this season:-

  • Aim for bright colours and floral pattern
  • Pastel shades look soothing to eyes
  • Prints and patterns are always a go than solid colours
  • The Layering gets a chance, so look for neutral grey, beige, white, brown to add over the tops
  • Jackets, cardigans and a pair of leggings are worthwhile in the season
  • Lighter fabrics like cotton, tropical wool, chiffon, linen and hemp
  • Big floral trousers, shirts and pants are searched for wearing with different ladies tops.
  • A little skin show is advisable on shoulders and legs in skirts or open backs

Now let me start with the Fashion Spring tops that I have searched out:-

This Red Zippy top looked one among the coolest variety that I could use during this season. Red adds vibrancy to the top where White gives it a soothing effect which in overall gives a unique combination to be dressed down with a pair of denim, flat belly, and tote bag and I am ready for the day.

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