Style Stalker – Luella Bartley

Luella Bartley selected a worthy and unexpected muse as the inspiration point for her S/S 08 collection—Thora Birch’s sardonic character in Ghost World—and we’re getting a kick out of the results. The runway look comes across a bit like Daria (Morgendorffer, not Werbowy)-meets-Cyndi Lauper, with a dash of Siouxsie Sioux too. In other words, the style is a combination of cartoon teen geek chic and pop rebel, plus a bit of punk to toughen things up. All in all, highly inspirational and totally something we want to emulate.

We’ve assembled our own (extremely affordable) take on Ms. Bartley’s drily droll looks for your shopping pleasure today. We found an admirable swap for the Luella Buttercup Ruffle Mini Skirt ($390) at Topshop and a serious pair of Clark Kent-style runway specs. Add a snowy pair of mid-calf Docs, an illustrated tee, and some cutely quirky accessories and our version is complete!

Elegant Hair Crystal Rose Hair Barrette ($7)

Luella Bartley’s own line of hair accessories isn’t debuting for a few more months, but until then, try this little crystal hair clip. If you want something slightly more statement making, try Tarina Tarantino’s two-inch wide Spring Silk Flower Anywhere Clip ($45) in black or light pink.

Will Broome Zip Rabbit Tee ($50)

The fashion community (read: Marc Jacobs) loves Will Broome’s darkly funny illustrations and right now Topshop’s got a genius capsule collection of his work. This must-have rabbit t-shirt zips up the back and echos the Waving Batman Tee ($110) excellently.

Wet Seal Mini Heart Purse ($10.50)

Wear your cross-body bag with some attitude and indifference for that too-smart-for-your-own-good, sullen, teen sweetheart style. This bright yellow Lolita-lite bag is totally ridiculous and kind of trashtastic, ad actually pairs really well with something more sleek like some Gucci sunglasses.

Urban Outfitters Betsy’s Readers ($14)

The models wore oversized Linda Farrow vintage frames in the show, so we wanted a similarly bookish pair. We found these black plastic frames at Urban Outfitters (they’re only available online) and think they’re very Luella. They’re a good cheap thrill and remind us of a pair we had in high school when were cultivating a Lelaina Pierce look.

Dr. Martens W-8 Eye Boots ($114)

These white patent leather boots were made for stomping and that’s just what they’ll do. And by “stomp” we mean walk like an Estonian model, not trample people violently—obviously.

Topshop Printed Tiered Mini Skirt ($60)

Admittedly, a tiered ruffled miniskirt isn’t a look for all bodies, but if you’re game for the flouncy fit, we’ve got a skirt for you. This marvellous mini has a gorgeous multicolor print (gray, green, fuchsia, black, and blue are all in there) and great movement.

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