The Design And Production Of The Omnipresent Patch

The popularity of the custom patch makes it seem ubiquitous. From the police and security guards to school going kids, soldiers, scouts and even members of motorcycle clubs, everyone seems to be flaunting their very own Custom Embroidered Patches.

Importance of custom patches

The use of custom patches has increased over the years because

  • They enable instant recognition of the company; group or organisation a person belongs to.
  • They help to boost the morale of the people wearing them.
  • Patches of some organisations like the military services etc., also command a lot of respect and admiration whenever and wherever worn.
  • Corporate patches also help to contribute and strengthen the culture of the company.

In fact people associated with sports and bikers club wear Custom Embroidered Patches to flaunt their achievements and important milestones of their career.

Creating a successful patch

The graphic artist is the only factor which distinguishes a successful patch from substandard one. It would not be wrong to say that it takes an experienced and creative graphic artist to

  • Create a brand new design which is unique and
  • Easily and accurately digitize an existing emblem, design or logo.

After the successful designing of the patch, the embroidery is done. The ability of an embroidery patch to stand out depends on the quality of embroidery done on it. In fact, quality patch providers often allow the person who has commissioned the patch to see what the finished product will look like. This is done by facilitating free artwork complete with digitized sew out.

Embroidered patches can be created in any size, regular or irregular, any shape or any colour. They also use different types of backing like Velcro, loop tapes, heat transfer, magnetic, adhesive etc. some high-end embroidered patches also include certain uniquely special features like

  • threading which glows in the dark,
  • reflective twill,
  • metallic threading and
  • Even Swarovski crystals.

Organisations commonly using patches

Embroidered patches have a long history of being associated with the following organisations like:

  • Military units who use them to identify ranks and units of soldiers,
  • Law enforcement unit and fire departments who also have a military style operational structure,
  • Scouting organisations use them to showcase their mastery of new acquired skills, completion of projects, ranks etc.,
  • Professional organisations and corporate use them as marketing tools thereby promoting their company,
  • Motorcycle clubs who have a fierce yet humorous relationship with custom patches.

Irrespective of who uses it, any garment adorned with a patch makes a strong statement wherever it is seen. Hence it becomes a matter of pride to wear custom patches on vests, shirts, caps etc.

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