The Different Types of Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes come in many different varieties based on their goals and their uses. Running shoes, for example, come in styles ranging from minimalist to extremely padded. They have the same purpose, which is allowing you to run for as long as possible while remaining injury-free. However, they hope to accomplish it in very different ways. Which ones are right for you is largely a function of your own personal needs. Some people who have knee injuries find that heavily-padded maximalist shoes keep them running injury-free. Some people who have the same knee problems find that minimalist shoes help them the most. Whatever you decide on, you should know what the options are.

Athletic shoes come

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes come in fewer variations than some other athletic shoes, since the needs are so similar. You need a shoe that provides ankle stability while running and jumping as well as a shoe that provides some comfort for your sole and arches. High tops provide increased ankle stability while playing sports or during everyday life. That’s why basketball shoes are so popular for day-to-day activity as well as for playing basketball. Many people wear basketball shoes as their primary shoes.

Athletic Basketball Shoes

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes are typically not as specially designed as basketball shoes. They are made to be comfortable for everyday wear and for walking around. However, many people wear basketball shoes as their primary shoes when they are out and about. Some of the most popular casual shoes are actually athletic shoes of the past. Shoes from the 1920s that were once used as the state-of-the-art athletic shoes are now seen as casual wear. They are made simply and reliably from canvas and rubber. These shoes tend to have a decent amount of ankle support as well as providing a supportive sole to protect the feet.

Athletic Casual Shoes


While the ability to customise your shoes isn’t really a safety feature, it is something that many people look for in their athletic shoes. They want shoes that function in a certain way, but also look a certain way. Many people want to be able to add their own colour schemes, as well as personalised graphics and images. Shoes dedicated to fictional characters are especially popular at the moment. There are many shoes dedicated to superheroes. The bold, bright colour schemes that are common in comic books serve well as colour pallets for customising shoes.

Athletic Shoes Customisability

However, customising shoes goes beyond just colour schemes. Many companies offer different styles and iterations of shoes so they will fit the scheme of many different people. That means one company might offer five or six different styles of a shoe; that way, everyone can find a shoe that works for his or her needs.

customising shoes

When you are looking for new shoes, be they athletic shoes or casual, you should not settle for something that isn’t what you need. You have a lot of options for shoes, and you should be sure you’re getting exactly what you need. This can mean ankle support, arch support, sole, or any other of a number of factors.

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