Tips For The Ultimate High-Fashion Walk-In Wardrobe

Got a lot of high-fashion clothes? Then you need to keep them organised and in great condition so that you get the most enjoyment out of them. For clothes obsessives, a walk-in wardrobe isn’t an indulgence, it’s a necessity. A place dedicated to your rich and varied wardrobe turns dressing into an event – isn’t that how it should be?

You are a serious fashionista, so let’s assume any walk-in wardrobe needs to swallow lots of clothes. First, identify a location for your wardrobe. Some interior spaces suggest themselves as obvious candidates; look at alcoves, roof spaces and redundant areas at the top of stairs. Annexing off a slice of the master bedroom is the popular option, and this has the added benefit of turning your bedroom back into a tidy and restful space. Wherever you choose, do make sure the dimensions are adequate. A cramped walk-in wardrobe won’t function smoothly and will take some of the joy out of your high-fashion hobby.

Style cues

There are several different approaches. You can choose boudoir appeal with chandelier lighting, velvet upholstery, vintage mirrors and scarlet walls. Or you may want a minimalist mood that slots seamlessly into place. Sleek white shelving, recessed lighting, contemporary styling and smooth engineered wood flooring combine to create a cool and relaxing ambiance.

Use elegant interior shutter doors as a neat way of creating a division between the walk-in wardrobe and the bedroom. Adjustable models offering flexibility of light control are a clever idea because the light flow can be adjusted for dressing; equally, you can banish sunlight, which may fade fabrics. For easy installation, great looks and the widest choice, this is the premier shutter brand to try.

For a more traditional dressing room, choose materials in dark woods that create a calm, cultured atmosphere. Soft carpet underfoot, a music system and leather upholstery combine to push the luxury quotient in an upward direction.

What are the essentials?

You’ll need awesome storage, hanging rails, shelves, drawers, hooks, room for boxed items, great lighting and mirrors. Consider including storage space for an ironing board, steam iron and sewing kit. Good ventilation is a must for keeping clothes in tip-top condition. If there is adequate space, a dressing table with makeup mirror and seating is desirable. If space is generous, ramp up the luxury with a chaise longue and some extra chairs for girlfriends.

If you have the budget, hire a carpenter to fix made-to-measure shelving in your designated space. Floor-to-ceiling shelves to accommodate footwear are a good idea. Exploit rooms with high ceilings by fitting double hanging rails. Install a compact ladder or use a footstool to help reach the high stuff.

Get organised

Some people organise by colour, others do it by designer or style – it’s up to you how you organise, but it must be done. A beautifully ordered dressing room where everything is in its place is a vision to behold.

Make your wardrobe the ultimate walk-in wonderland with some of these simple tips for high-fashion storage; and remember, a well-realised wardrobe adds time to your getting-ready routine, which means more time to spend on looking fabulous.

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