What You Need to Know About Pearls Used in Pearl Earrings

Pearls are a symbol of three things:

  • Virtue
  • Purity
  • Modesty

Organic gems

They are a very pursued-after natural material which makes pearl jewelry very popular. Technically they are referred to as “organic gems”, meaning they are harvested from shellfish exactly as they have been for over 4000 years.

New process

But something has changed since the discovery of this natural treasure including the way pearls are harvested, how they are used and how fine pearl earrings are worn. To get a best understanding of what to look for when shopping for jewelry like pearl earrings, as well as necklaces, you need to do some homework.

Nature’s treasure

Nature’s treasure

Pearls are one of nature’s best treasures, with a wide range of colors, sources and shapes. This makes it very easy to get confused with what to look for in pearl earrings. The basics begin with how pearls are formed, the types and sources of pearls, how valuation is made and how this affects the value of pearl jewelry.

Not easy to create

Pearls and their creation is very simple to understand but not easy to create. A pearl is formed when any type of irritation – piece of sand – becomes stuck in the shell of an oyster. When the oyster senses the deposit it begins protection by depositing layers of a substance known as “nacre” all around this intruder where it builds up over time. It takes years to create a pearl of good size and perfectly round shapes are very rare. Because of this, pearl earrings and other jewelry with perfectly rounded pearls are very expensive types of jewelry.

Not easy to create


Something that is not known to most women who wear pearl necklaces today is that they are farmed and not grown naturally. Surprised? Generally speaking natural pearls are not available widely due to the years of over-fishing and the demand that is great for pearls that are perfectly round. Beginning in the early part of the1900s, a new method for pearl growing was establishedensuing in what is now known as “cultured” pearls. The process involves insertion of an irritant into an oyster and caring for that oyster until it has formed a pearl. Currently, almost all necklaces that are pearl are using cultured pearls.

If you don’t know this, then do some researches, before you go looking for pearl earrings.

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